Access and Progression Routes Survey

Discussion at the latest Rural SEN meeting highlighted the importance of social enterprises to provide access and progression routes for young people, especially in light of the unemployment and youth unemployment challenges that are being projected as a result of Covid-19. The provision of local access and progression routes are vital to give young people the choice to remain in their remote and rural communities, rather than migrate to urban centres for employment and further education.


We are undertaking this short survey for social enterprises to determine previous activity and willingness to support access and progression routes in the future, given the particular challenges in relation to unemployment and youth unemployment that are being projected as a result of Covid-19.


There are a range of access and progression opportunities supported across the sector, including volunteering and employability activities, graduate placements and PhD internships, and we would like to gain a better understanding of the composition of past opportunities and future potential opportunities.


What you can do…
Please take 5 mins to complete the survey and share among your networks using this link: