Cyber Security Toolkit

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Cyber Security Toolkit

Anyone can fall victim to a cyber scam or attack and suffer worrisome consequences including identity theft and financial loss. The positive news is there are steps you can take to help protect yourself and manage the risks. If you use a smartphone, laptop, tablet or computer and access services online, such as mobile banking, email and social media, your devices and online accounts hold your personal information, and you should take steps to protect it.

The Cyber Security Toolkit is a starter guide to help individuals recognise common cyber risks and provides a simple checklist to work through to increase your cyber safety.

What is Breeze Digital?

Breeze Digital is a digital support agency that helps third-sector organisations decode the digital world. They help charities, voluntary organisations and community groups overcome digital barriers and embed technology into their organisation in a way that helps them work smarter and brings lasting results.

Breeze is a social enterprise and part of the Community Enterprise Group. 100% of their profits are reinvested back into social-impact streams.


You can access the Cyber Security Toolkit below: