Digital Connections

The Digital Connections project is a partnership between Inspiralba and the South Kintyre Community Resilience Group, who are collecting donations of unused digital tools (laptops, tablets, and smart phones), and distributing them to local households who do not have access to digital tools and resources.

Donations are collected by a local team, who offer non-contact doorstep collection, and are reset and wiped of data by the project’s digital expert. This ensures both physical and online security for people who have donated digital tools.

Donations have come in all shapes and sizes, from laptops, to tablets and smartphones. However, given the closure of schools, and the need for pupils to learn remotely from home, there are some pupils who have access to these digital tools, while others do not. It is vital to ensure that all pupils can access online learning such as Google Classroom to ensure that the educational gap does not widen during the course of lockdown.

Laptops have been a priority for schoolchildren, and the Digital Connections project has worked closely with local schools and youth organisations to spread the word, and reach out to families who could benefit. All redistributed laptops are provided with 100% confidentiality.


Tablets and smartphones are also available for households who don’t have the tools to stay connected and access online services and resources. There is a growing awareness of the challenges older people face in staying connected with family, friends, and support in our new non-contact world, and there are challenges both in accessing devices, but also being able to use them.


With accessibility and ease of use in mind, Inspiralba has also created learning resources to teach people how to use digital communication software, including Whatsapp Video Calls, Facebook Video Calls, and Zoom Videoconferencing.


The Digital Connections project welcomes any donations of unused laptops, tablets, or smartphones from across Kintyre, and ensure safety through non-contact collection. If you should also have a need to access digital tools, or know someone who could benefit, contact details can be found here.


The project is supported by Fyne Homes and the Scottish Government Investing in Communities Team, who have enabled the project to meet needs created by Covid19.