FSB Big Small Business Survey Findings Report 2023

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) recently published their ‘Big Small Business Survey: 2023 Findings Report’ which presents the views of Scotland’s small business community on a variety of subjects, with insights into the variance in different groups according to business age, sector, gender and more.

In the weeks and months ahead, FSB are looking to publish a series of spin-off reports, examining each of the areas of study in closer detail, and provide their own recommendations on how government and other stakeholders can support more Scottish small businesses to grow and thrive.

“It would be fair to say that the last few years have been transformative times for all of us, in so many ways. We’ve seen businesses start up in areas we wouldn’t have imagined before the pandemic, entrepreneurs pivoting in a heartbeat in response to the unique challenges lockdown presented them and, sadly, a number of businesses unable to weather the successive storms we’ve seen since the beginning of 2020.

Given the seismic shift in the conditions in which Scotland’s smallest traders have found themselves operating, it’s vital that we understand how they’re doing now. This report provides the most comprehensive study FSB in Scotland has ever undertaken, asking business owners from every sector and every area of Scotland about the state of their business, the challenges they have faced and the opportunities they see ahead.”  – Andrew McRae, Scotland Policy Chair

Read the full report here.