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Guidebook of Good Practise

The Rural Social Enterprise Guidebook of Good Practise  is a compilation of teachings and learnings from Social Enterprise networks from across Europe. Spanning different social enterprises from rural parts of Scotland, Estonia, Finland, Germany and Romania.

Why does the Guidebook exist?

In many countries, rural residents face similar challenges in maintaining the vibrancy and vitality of their communities and economies. Reductions in public financing, diminishing local services, geographical challenges with accessibility in remote areas, ageing population and the outmigration of young people are challenging residents to find new tools for rural communities to cope with the future. This guidebook offers materials to help solve these problems, covering everything from how to identify your communities needs to how to practically set up and manage a social enterprise in a rural context.


Download a Summary of Guidebook


Download a Summary of Guidebook


Download a Summary of Guidebook


Download a Summary of Guidebook

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