Heart of The Community: Village Halls Conference

The village halls are a key place of activity for communities to gather, learn, access services, and have fun. This is also where new connections are born, bonds are made, and trust is built. It is not wrong to think that village halls are the heart of the community.


The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations along with some other social enterprises hosted a Village Hall Conference at Birnam Arts in May 2024. Inspiralba, along with the Scottish Rural and Islands Youth Parliament, were able to deliver a workshop on village hall futures: getting young people involved in village and community spaces.


It was a wonderful experience meeting and chatting with fellow hall workers and volunteers at the conference. By exchanging stories, tips, and experiences, we celebrated our community impact and tackled common challenges together. Conferences like these indeed boost our motivation to keep making a positive difference in communities across Scotland.


Photographs by Lewis Houghton.


Here’s the Hallmaster’s newsletter June 2024.

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