Interface Student Opportunities

Need some help with social media, website development, marketing, business planning in these difficult times?

Interface, which matches up businesses with a Scottish university to carry out a project to help in some aspect of running your business, would like to make you aware of the following student opportunities. As these will be done digitally, location is no issue, and there is no cost to you.

In terms of expectation from a student project, we advise avoiding projects that are business- or time-critical due to the inexperience of many students of working in a professional context but if you have an interest in new ideas, a fresh approach and some speculative development and would otherwise struggle to attract internal resources and approval, these can be a rewarding undertaking

There is a straightforward application process for each, and the universities will weigh up submitted applications in late November/early December to choose which projects are most suitable for a student/student group, and let you know if you’ve been successful. As these start in January, we suggest you apply as soon as possible.

All project proposals are reviewed by academic staff to check that the scope of the project is not too ambitious for the amount of time available. The details of the project will be discussed with you in advance of releasing them to students if there is any doubt about the scope.


If you are interested in any of these options, please contact Lorraine Thomson on  M; 07789 912452.


  1. University of Aberdeen

Looking for 12 businesses for Working Together: Employability for Arts & Social Sciences third-year students. Open to any size, type and age of business. Previous projects have included market research, social media development, authoring educational materials and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Projects commence week beginning 1st February 2021, running for 10 weeks and including online time for organisations to meet the student groups to discuss project progress and direction. The students produce written reports and also oral presentations which are marked by the course co-ordinator. The learning outcomes of the students are key so it is better this is not a business critical project, but a worthwhile project for the company.


  1. Abertay University

The School of Business, Law and Social Sciences at Abertay are looking for employers to participate in a placement initiative aimed at providing 3rd year Students on the following BA (Hons) programmes: Business & Management; Business and HRM; Marketing & Business and Accounting and Finance with real life work experience.

In return it is hoped that they will be able to make a meaningful contribution to your business. Contact between the placement provider, student and placement tutor would be through social media channels and online platforms. Outputs of the placement experience require the student to produce a report based on analysing a business issue in the organisation.

During placement, the student will be supervised by a member of the agency’s staff, who will be responsible for day-to-day supervision and for the submission of a report at the end of the placement period on the student’s performance. Part of the students’ output is a reflection piece on their performance while on placement as well as a presentation on their experience. So, a company’s capacity to provide that experience is something to bear in mind and there is scope for students to be doing practical jobs e.g. managing social media, website development, marketing plan etc. 


  1. Edinburgh Napier University

Every year from January to April, third year undergraduate students in Edinburgh Napier University’s School of Computing take on projects in small teams. The project module is intended to provide an authentic experience of working to a client brief comparable to the experience of students on work placement. The students cover the range of computing subjects including software engineering, digital media, web design, networking and cybersecurity.

If you have a project that has been sitting on your back-burner for some time, this could be a chance to give it some attention.

Projects typically involve software development or system configuration as their central activity with students of project management or design-oriented subjects providing specialist input. Previous projects have involved application development for desktop, Web and mobile platforms, network installation and configuration activities and the development of interactive media.

The students will be doing two other modules in parallel with the project, and it therefore represents a third of their working time. Each project represents approximately 100 person-days of effort, and it is important to set the scope of the project accordingly. More details; (