Jura Community Shop

The Jura Community Shop has been working hard over the last few weeks and months to keep up with the constantly changing situation which we all face from COVID-19. The Community run shop initially struggled to keep up with increased demand for orders of fresh fruit and veg, bread and milk at the start of lockdown. Their supplier deliveries changed daily, with late notice changes to lifeline ferries, two of which are vital to get supplies to the community shop on the Isle of Jura.

Breckenridge and Walton’s of Oban are two suppliers of note, who have gone above and beyond to help out. Spirited Soaps and Bruichladdich distillery began making hand sanitiser, and very generously donated a supply to the shop, and with the donation of an automatic hand sanitiser from the Jura Hotel, the community shop was able to safely stay open.

They have an amazing team of volunteers and two lovely bus drivers, who deliver customer orders to their doorsteps twice a week! Jura is a small island but with less than 200 residents are spread along a 25 mile, single track road, some live the full 25 miles away from the ferry. The community shop staff and volunteers are working flat out to continue to provide islanders with what they need, and feel so lucky to live and work on Jura, even more so during this uncertain time, when the community has pulled together in such a remarkable way.


Socially distanced – volunteers outside the community village hall to collect shop deliveries. The hall has 2 entrances so allows a one way system for collecting goods from inside for delivery. Sunshine brings a smile!