Kintyre Recycling

Kintyre Recycling are happy and proud to be able to offer a monthly Recycling Service in Kintyre, the only area in Argyll & Bute to provide this. After an initial halt to all waste management services across the area, liaison with Argyll and Bute Council resulted in Kintyre Recycling (KRL) continuing to deliver household kerbside collections of recyclates. This has ensured that we maximise the value of waste and avoid sending plastics, cans, paper and textiles to landfill.

Now the only third sector delivery partner for waste management services in Argyll, the KRL Team have done a sterling job to adapt their service model to ensure safe working and continue to deliver the service which has significant environmental and social benefits. The sorting and processing aspect of service is not possible for the time being, but bags of recycling are collected from kerbside and then transported to Glasgow for onward processing.

Kintyre Recycling would like to thank Argyll & Bute Council for their support with this – especially Alan Miller, and Peter and Bobby at McKerrals who are helping to offload bags into a trailer which is then transported up the road, also recognising the KRL workforce who are back at work to keep recycling. This pandemic we are all facing has highlighted the importance of local community and has shown the strength of social enterprises to play a large part in the solutions.