Letter to Aileen Campbell MSP


“COVID 19 has brought about a new appreciation of what is important and valued in society, and the reliance we all have on our local communities. The response to the virus has demonstrated the true value of ‘localism in action’ with community-based social enterprises providing crucial services and a lifeline in their communities.”


This excerpt is taken from a collective letter to Aileen Campbell, the Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government, which was signed on behalf of organisations representing the interests of community-based organisations. The letter highlights the vital role that community-based social enterprises have played during the crisis, providing essential services and support to communities, and creating local resilience.


Download the full letter here: Aileen Campbell MSP


Community-based social enterprises have been particularly resilient and agile during the pandemic, responding to the needs of Scotland’s most vulnerable groups and communities. Moving in to the next phase of recovery, the letter highlights the need for a road map to detail how community-based social enterprises will be supported to continue to deliver essential services, create local resilience and ameliorate the long term socioeconomic impacts of the pandemic across Scotland’s communities.


The signatories propose that the SE Action Plan (2020-2023) which was written and developed pre-Coronavirus, should be redrafted with a renewed focus on recovery. The new Action Plan should recognise the importance of localism and the critical role that community-led responses have played in local responses to the pandemic, and should ensure that resources and support are in place to enable frontline community organisations to ensure successful delivery of the Plan’s ambition.



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