New Student Project Opportunities Offered by Interface

Interface have a number of new student project opportunities available. Please see below:


University of the Highlands and Islands – Visual Communication and Design

UHI is looking for organisations with visual communication postpositions. The focus is broad, but projects should align with design for social or strategic purposes. They will also look at briefs which allow exploration of the ethical role of the designer and sustainable development, social inclusion, etc. Alternatively, they can consider something that’s purely graphical, but with a strategic aspect. There are two options:

  • Social Design Strategies (Semester 2, projects run from February – April 23) – closes 16th Jan 2023.
    • This module is best suited to projects which are more research-led and have a range of social, economic, environmental and or political factors
  • Major Design Project: Degree Show (4th year students, Sem 1 and Sem 2) – closes Jan 2023
    • These may encompass graphic design, illustration, photography, animation, film, social design, design thinking.  Thematically some students have an interest in designing for the address of social, economic, environmental, and political issues.


Robert Gordon University – International Tourism and Hospitality Student Placements

  • Paid 6- or 12-month Placement

Undergraduate students can undertake either a 6 month or 12-month placement.  The 6-month placement students can start from January/February/early March 2023. During the placement period, the students complete a full time, paid position within the organisation.


  • Free 4 weeks Placement

The postgraduate placements will be rolling out from November 2022 for the 2023 programmes . These students go out on a 4 weeks (unpaid) placement, this can be on business premises, remote (student WFH) or a combination of both, the Spring Programme sees student being placed Mid-March 2023, with the summer programme students commencing from end of May 23.  Generally due to their post-graduate status they look at a more project led placement, however they can undertake a broad range of tasks whilst on placement, including hands on day-to-day work, topics including (but not limited to):

    • Research and Admin
    • Marketing / Communications – all aspect of social media
    • Events Planning/Fundraising Initiatives
    • Companies have identified issues/problems and the student has come up with solutions etc.
    • Updating/New policies & procedures


Robert Gordon University – Fashion Management Placements

These are 3rd year Fashion Management students who have quite a broad remit, but they do tend to look for placements in Social Media, Retail, Marketing, Branding, and Merchandising. There are 3 options for short-term placements.

  1. Jan 2023 start – 12 weeks
  2. Jan 2023 start – 6 weeks
  3. March 2023 start – 6 weeks

If interested, please send some brief information about your business and the proposed placement/project opportunity to A fuller project brief may then be needed which outlines the concept, purpose, target audiences, deliverables etc. Interface then inform the course leader who decides if the brief is suitable to be circulated to students. It’s then up to the student(s) to select a project they’re interested in and if both the student and organisation are happy it can go ahead. They are usually free of charge to the organisation.

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