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Outside the Box have put out a request to Health and Rural Social Enterprise Networks for support in a new project.

Outside the Box (OTB) are an independent charitable social enterprise who provide development support to groups and people across Scotland who are looking to make a difference in their communities. They are currently working with an equalities group who are considering starting a new activity. This group has ideas on what they want to do, but are less certain about how to do this. As some of these ideas could become social enterprises, OTB are looking for those who have started or run social enterprises to share their experiences. 


They are looking for…

  • Help in pulling together tips/good advice which can be made into a document that others can refer to when getting advice from other places and networks, share amongst colleagues and discuss with those in the community.
  • Volunteers who are willing to be buddies/mentors for those in community groups.

OTB suggest arranging a time to meet in order to plan how you can assist OTB in their project. For more information please contact either Jill Keegan at jill@otbds.org or Freya Young at freya@otbds.org.