Promoting Internationalisation of the Social and Solidarity Economy: From Local to Global – OECD

Building on strong local roots to address local development challenges, many social and solidarity economy (SSE) entities are increasingly extending theiroperations internationally. By responding to international social and environmental challenges, SSE entities can help make global value chains more inclusive and sustainable. With the pursuit of a social mission and participatory governance at the core of their operations, SSE entities adopt specific approaches to internationalise their presence. Some internationalise to scale their impact to reach more people and areas, while some do so to deepen their impact on existing target groups by leveraging resources internationally. This paper analyses what SSE internationalisation involves and its specific drivers (Chapter 1), trends in SSE internationalisation (Chapter 2), competitive advantages and barriers of the SSE for internationalisation (Chapter 3), and actionable areas for policy makers to promote its internationalisation (Chapter 4).


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