Rural & Islands Housing Action Plan

Equality, opportunity, and community are the three overarching defining missions of the Scottish Government, and the provision of affordable housing in Scotland’s rural and island communities is a recognised priority within the Government’s long-term Housing Strategy, Housing to 2040, Scotland’s National islands Plan and also the National Strategy for Economic Transformation and New Deal for Business.

The place-based and sometimes differentiated challenges faced by rural and island communities have been well articulated in those strategic policy documents and in the extensive consultation and engagement process which, with partnership delivery, is the foundation for this Action Plan. The Scottish Government are determined to address, the call for even closer collaboration with local authorities, housing associations and other delivery partners and for a reinvigorated partnership with business.

The plan sets out what the Scottish Government are already doing that must be sustained, what more they will do, and how they will continue to monitor impacts and innovate where new or unmet needs arise, or where opportunity calls.

The Scottish Government will work collaboratively to deliver this Action Plan, monitoring and assessing delivery and impact, reflecting on the changing dynamic across Scotland’s remote, rural and island communities and where appropriate responding to new challenges where they arise.

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