Rural mental health and wellbeing session

We are pleased to announce an upcoming session on Mental Health and Wellbeing for Rural Social Enterprises, being run by Inspiralba as part of Senscot’s Restart Rebuild Week.


Looking after your mental health and wellbeing is especially important in these challenging times, and the need for guidance and support has been highlighted as a strong theme from recent SEN sessions across Scotland. The ongoing pressure on individuals and organisations have a significant impact on the mental health and resilience of staff and volunteers of social enterprises, and this session has been designed to share information and support resources.

In the rural context, many social enterprises are smaller in size – and have been stretched to meet the demands of their service users and customers throughout the pandemic. Another factor of rural areas is the lack of anonymity, which can sometimes be a barrier to accessing support. We hope that the resources and support signposted in this session will be helpful. This is an opportunity to share experiences, peer support, and connect with others across rural Scotland. 

The session will take place on Zoom, on Monday 16th November, from 11:00 – 12:30. 

Bookings are managed by Inspiralba, please contact to book a place. 

Informative event poster