Rural Scotland Data Dashboard Overview

For context, analysts in RESAS (Rural and Environment Science and Analytical Services Division) were asked to prepare a Rural Scotland data dashboard for the Rural Delivery Plan Ministerial Working Group chaired by the Deputy First Minister of Scotland. The first draft of the dashboard was shared with the group ahead of their second meeting on 3rd October. Following the normal quality assurance process, and in light of a commitment to open government and pro-active publication, the document and all accompanying data have been made available.

The dashboard is a compilation of evidence on rural Scotland, drawn from a range of sources. All of this data is already in the public domain, however this dashboard brings a wide range of data together. The dashboard has been published with an accompanying summary report of Rural Scotland successes and challenges and Excel data tables. 


Read the full document here.


Please also see detail here highlighting the publication of the Rural Scotland Data Dashboard.


In addition as you may be aware that a similar compendium was recently published for Island communities, though not all statistics appear in both as the data is not always available. The islands dashboard can be found here.


The full Scottish Islands Data Overview can be found here.