Rural SEN – 30th May 2024

Our second Rural Social Enterprise Session of 2024 took place on the 30th of May and prompted some interesting discussion.

We were first joined by Hilda Campbell from COPE Scotland. COPE Scotland is a charity organisation that has been offering free mental health tools and resources to promote mental and emotional health, wellbeing, and resilience since 1991.

Hilda took attendees through an exercise called the ‘Energy Battery Exercise’. The concept of the exercise revolves around visualising our personal energy levels as batteries, similar to those in electronic devices. This analogy helps individuals become more mindful of their mental and emotional wellbeing by understanding how their energy is depleted and replenished.




Our second speaker of the session was Fergus McQueen from Abused Men in Scotland (AMIS), Scotland’s leading charity and helpline for male domestic abuse.

Fergus discussed how AMIS can assist male victims of domestic abuse in reclaiming their lives. He explained that AMIS provides support and guidance to help men navigate various challenging situations related to abuse.



Finally, we gave an overview of the Social Action Inquiry project where practitioners worked together last year to investigate what helps and hinders social action amongst 6 third sector leaders from and around the rural town of Oban, Scotland. The stories gathered from the study resulted in publishing an interactive digital creative called ‘The Third Sector Grind’.

A follow-up session was held in May of this year (2024) to discuss what needs to be done to address and explore solutions for enhancing personal, organisational and collective well-being. Discussions were then taken into another creative poster titled ‘Fill Your Cup First. Ailsa Clark, the founder of Inspiralba, spoke about some findings of the follow-up study, which discussed how we can refill our cups of kindness and resilience for individual and collective well-being as well as a sustainable third sector.


The full notes from the session can be found here.