Social Enterprise World Forum – Sunshine Coast SE Tour 30/09/22

This year’s Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) was held in Brisbane, Australia. Community Enterprise in Scotland (CEIS), in partnership with SEWF via the International Social Enterprise Observatory (ISEO) were able to support delegates from the Scottish third sector to attend SEWF22 in-person. Included in those receiving support is Aimee, our Rural Social Enterprise Coordinator.

High tea featuring foods only found in Australia.

Following the end of the official SEWF, there was a second Social Enterprise Tour which introduced attendees to a range of social enterprises located on the Sunshine Coast, a region 90 minutes to the north of Brisbane. Not only is the Sunshine Coast host of some of the world’s best beaches, but recent years have seen the social enterprise ecosystem grow considerably.

Galeru Forever Fruits member performing on the didgeridoo.

The first stop on this tour was Galeru Forever Fruits powered by SevGen. A beautiful property that supplied native foods for SEWF22. This Indigenous-run organisation traditionally welcomed guests and facilitated a discussion with its founders. Followed by a tour of the property, performance and a native high tea full of native foods only found in Australia. Aimee thought this was a particular highlight of the entire SEWF experience and it was topped off by a wonderful performance on the didgeridoo.

Next stop was the beautiful community of Eumundi where guests dined at EATS restaurant, a social enterprise restaurant focused on empowering youth out of generational poverty through education, microfinancing opportunities and mentorship. Here they create ‘Meals that Matter’.

The stunning views from Noosa National Park.

And lastly, guests jumped back on the bus to head to Noosa National Park Headland to visit Deadly Espresso’s unique location and to bring energy levels up for an Elder-guided short walk around the national park. They took the time to enjoy the view of this gorgeous land before heading back to Brisbane.

Once back, the Scottish Delegation headed over Siam Southbank for dinner. This was followed by a de-brief of the SEWF ’22 and feedback hosted by Chris Raftery from the Scottish Government and Martin Avila, CEO of CEIS. Participants said Goodbye to each other as some were due to leave Brisbane within the next day. For those remaining to attend the Rural Gathering in Beechworth, they had a free day to enjoy some of the sights that Brisbane had to offer (and take advantage of the electric scooters available to rent).