Student Placement Opportunity – 3rd Year Business, Law & Social Sciences at Abertay University

The School of Business, Law and Social Sciences at Abertay are looking for employers to participate in a placement initiative aimed at providing 3rd year Students on the following BA (Hons) programmes: Business & Management; Business and Human Resource Management; Marketing & Business and Accounting and Finance with real life work experience.

In return it is hoped that they will be able to make a meaningful contribution to your business. Ideally students would carry out their placement in the physical workplace, however due to the ongoing pandemic you may consider offering a placement where the student (or a team of students) work remotely rather than having a physical presence in the organisation. Contact between the placement provider, student and placement tutor would be through social media channels and online platforms. Outputs of the placement experience require the student to produce a report based on analysing a business issue in the organisation.


These are unpaid placements that should take place for 1 day (Wednesday preferably) per week for 10 weeks (approx. 70 hours) although there may be the opportunity to carry out the placement 2 days/week for 5 weeks (timetable allowing).  Standard placements will take place w/b 30h January 2021- 3rd April 2022 inclusive.


If interested, please send a paragraph or two outlining the business and the proposed placement opportunity to by the end of October.


Host organisations should have the following:


  • Have organisational premises
  • Have Public Liability Insurance; Employer Liability Insurance; a Health and Safety Policy
  • Organise meaningful tasks or a possible project for the student to work on and support the student while on placement.

For a successful placement, a strong 3-way partnership has to be developed between university (placement tutor), agency (placement organisation) and student. During placement, the student will be supervised by a member of the agency’s staff, who will be responsible for day-to-day supervision and for the submission of a report at the end of the placement period on the student’s performance.


Usually these require students to be physically present in the premises so they have been very localised in sourcing host companies however with Covid-19, placements can take place remotely and so anywhere in Scotland would be possible. This is slightly different in that Abertay really focus on the work experience angle and developing their students’ employability skills which is why it’s a placement rather than a project. Part of the students’ output is a reflection piece on their performance while on placement as well as a presentation on their experience. So a company’s capacity to provide that experience is something to bear in mind when sourcing hosts. On the flip side it also means there is probably more scope for students to be doing practical jobs e.g. managing social media.

You are not guaranteed that your project will be taken on by the student/student groups as it can be a competitive process, and depends on how many companies put forward projects, however we will endeavour to find a solution for you.


If you require any further information or have queries please contact