Student Placement Opportunity – Postgrad Health Sciences at University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen are currently looking for an organisation to host student placements. The organisation would benefit from having a student from one of U of A’s postgraduate health sciences courses do a dedicated piece of work over a 10 week period (2.5 days/week = 200 hours in total).  These project placements will run from early May to mid July 2022, and can be virtual or in-person, or a combination of the two. Group projects with each student contributing 200 hours over the 10 weeks are also possible if the organisation has a bigger project they need taking forward.


The types of projects that have been done in the past include:


  • An evaluation of a drug and alcohol recovery project and its impact on health and wellbeing.
  • Benefits, impacts and barriers: an exploration of LGBT+ Alliance groups in schools.
  • Assessing the wider community care needs of a service that provides services to older people as well as adults with disabilities or health problems.
  • Evaluation of a mobile health programme to encourage employees to lead healthier lifestyles and to enable the short/mid-term sick to have positive outcomes in returning to work.
  • Developing a community sports forum – evaluating needs and mapping current challenges and successes.
  • An impact assessment of Streetsport Aberdeen’s activities and programmes and identification of research priorities.

The projects need to be a discrete piece of work which can be completed within the 200 hours available. As well as connecting regularly with the student to supervise their project work, it is hoped that the organisation will also be able to include them in some of their day-to-day business such as departmental and team meetings.

As postgraduates, the students looking for placements already have extensive health-related skills, in particular public health, nutrition and health data science.

If you have a project which you feel may be suitable, please email with a couple of paragraphs describing the project and the skills it will require.