Student Placement Opportunity – 3rd Year Law & Management at Robert Gordon University

Robert Gordon University are currently looking for an organisation to host student placements. The opportunity, which is now available through Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, would allow an organisation to benefit from having a 3rd student deliver a defined project in relation to Law and Management.

Students studying the BA (Hons) Law and Management degree will be undertaking summer placements of between 4 and 16 weeks from May 2022. Placements up to and including 12 weeks long are unpaid; projects over 12 weeks must be paid. Students can deliver projects for the organisation either on their premises, remotely (student working from home) or a combination of both, whichever is preferable for your organisation.


Students on this course have a strong grounding in general management, law, administration and people management and the types of projects they can undertake for your organisation include, but are not limited to:


  • Administration
  • Policy & documentation work
  • HR
  • Marketing

**Please note that if none of the above topics fit with a project in mind, RGU are very open to discussing other project ideas so please do get in touch.

If you have capacity to host one (or more) students for the summer 2022 sessions, please a short description of the project you have in mind (2-3 paragraphs) including how long (full-time) you anticipate the project taking to

Please note that placements will be made as applications are received, so applying at the earliest convenience is recommended. RGU will do an initial assessment and, if the project looks suitable, one of their team will come back to Lorraine Thomson at Interface for an introduction to you to have an initial chat.

If you have any queries at all, please email