Student Project Opportunity – Strategic Marketing at University of Edinburgh

As part of the University of Edinburgh Strategic Marketing course, a major theme focuses on the challenges of marketing products and services. The Marketing Challenge brings students together with companies and organisations and tasks the students with developing recommendations for their clients.


If you feel you have a project in mind, please feel free to send on a short paragraph where you think there might be a suitable project, and my contact will return to me with  a yes or no for further discussions. These are free opportunities and can be delivered remotely.


Previous Project Examples:

  • What steps can be taken to re-establish brand awareness and develop a strategy to connect with a target market?
  • Develop a marketing strategy to boost sales in Q1 & Q2
  • Develop a strategy on expansion opportunities in new regions across the UK and provide recommendations for new market opportunities
  • Which other industries would be interested in using particular technology currently in use in other sectors?

Points to consider when trying to identify projects:

  • the ideal company would be a bit more established (this could be as young as a year old) but the idea being that you know about the market, have done a bit of due diligence, so ideally not a new start that is starting from scratch.
  • Also ideally B2C works best, so think of projects that have products or services that are being sold to end customers. Students engage more with B2C projects as they are more relatable.
  • That said, B2B can work as long as it’s not too technical.

They are looking for about 12 projects for the full time MBA that starts in Oct so please send project ideas to by mid September.