The Third Sector Grind (Social Action Inquiry Project)

Oban is a rural town based in Argyll and Bute. Like many rural towns in Scotland, Oban has a strong and vibrant Third Sector with a number of locally- based Social Enterprises and Charities working alongside the community to do some really amazing and innovative things.  

Unfortunately, due to various factors outwith their control, many organisations feel stretched and under pressure to hit targets and deliver their objectives. As a result, practitioners often don’t take the time to focus on their own mental health and wellbeing which can eventually lead to burnout. The Third Sector Grind tells the story of 6 practitioners working as part of Oban-based community-led organisations and the trials, tribulations & little bits of magic that they have experienced during their careers.  

This project was facilitated by Inspiralba, who engaged with organisations involved in The Resource Collective, utilising Collective Leadership skills and approaches. 

Storytelling by Aimee Spence, video/photography by Beth Chalmers and illustrations by Charli Buchan in collaboration with Lynda Mitchell, Jakki Spicer, Jane Churchill and Hannah Shaw.

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