University of Aberdeen Applied Heath Sciences Placements

The University of Aberdeen have begun planning placements for Masters students within Applied Health Sciences in 2023.University of Aberdeen - Wikipedia


Course Overview

As a reminder, the overview for the courses is: This work-based placement elective offers a professional placement with a civic, government, industrial, public, research or voluntary health and/or development sector organisation. Students will undertake a ten-week placement with a host organisation, either within the organisation, remotely from Aberdeen, or using a combination of both. Placements are subject to availability and are offered on a best match basis.


The aims of the courses are to:

  • Enhance student experience
  • Provide students with an authentic learning opportunity 
  • Enhance student employability
  • Enable students to acquire professional knowledge and understanding of the daily work, strategic priorities, objectives, and functions of a civic, government, industrial, public, research or voluntary health and/or development sector organisation
  • Facilitate student application of academic skills in a work environment
  • Provide students with opportunities to strategically develop a range of transferable skills, as well as our Graduate Attributes

The University of Aberdeen aim to follow up on each submission with a discussion and then create a catalogue of placements and an applications process to facilitate student matching. There are a couple of questions around whether and how you want to be involved in this process. This should ensure that students with appropriate backgrounds and skills can be identified, and placements offered to suitable cohort members (e.g., those who have already completed a statistics module; those with skills in R).


If you would like to host a placement(s) next year, please submit details of your placement(s) here, even if they are not completely formulated yet: You can indicate when the placement(s) can begin from two options (January or May or both) – January placements are 1 day/week for 10 weeks, and May placements are 2.5 days/week for 10 weeks. For January placements, please complete by 25 November 2022.


If you have any queries or would prefer to talk through your ideas ahead of submission, please contact