University of Dundee Business School Placements

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The internships are for a Second-Year course run by Interface’s Careers Services team and look to facilitate some real-life work experience as well as give students an opportunity to develop their employability skills. Students on this module come from all disciplines and therefore they are keen to engage with businesses from a range of sectors.

These modules are delivered through a 30-hour internship project which fits around the students’ studies and takes place between January and March 2023.

Here are some ideas of projects completed previously:

  • Develop an organisations social media presence
  • Writing blogs about the organisation for use on social media
  • Plan and organise a fundraising event
  • Assist with clients in the charity e.g., assist with training sessions
  • Design marketing materials
  • Complete a research project
  • Develop and deliver a survey for the organisation and then write up findings report
  • Produce a concise report

Applications for these placements will close as soon as they receive 30 enquiries so recommend any interested organisations should submit ASAP.

If interested, please contact