University of Stirling Business Support Project

Are you looking for some work or research to support business decisions?

Do you want something done but:

Don’t have the resource?

Don’t have the know-how?


The Stirling Management School at the University of Stirling is looking for external organisations (businesses, third sector, sole traders etc.) to proposeUniversity of Stirling F.C. - Wikipedia projects for postgraduate students that will support your business. Projects can be on many subjects relevant to business management e.g. growth, analytics, sustainability, marketing, branding, planning etc. Projects are part of the students’ coursework so there are no employment costs. As these are postgraduate students, they have undertaken 3-4 years of study in their subject so are knowledgeable.


Some examples –

  • Strategy/business growth: e.g. Feasibility studies; fundraising strategy; analysis etc.
  • Sustainability: e.g. Audit; type and cost of new equipment and processes
  • Business Analytics and Data Science for Business: modelling, data visualization, SEO etc.
  • Marketing: strategy; using new processes; competitors
  • And more – just state what you need on the application form

Information on how this opportunity works can be found on via the University of Stirling website. Proposals can be submitted, based on your business needs, up until 1st March 2023. The next round of projects run from June – August 2023. If you do apply, please mention that you heard about this opportunity through Interface.

In order to prepare to complete the application, please have a look at this document which contains the content of the online application form. Applicants don’t need to worry about which discipline you might need. An academic recruitment panel will allocate all the projects to the appropriate student, depending on the project and the skills of the student(s).

Please note there is no guarantee of a project being accepted but the team are looking out for a good number so if you have any business need in terms of managing your organisation, please do consider applying. You do so by completing the proposal form (at the bottom of this webpage) or contact Eunice Atkins, for any enquiries. Email: