ViSENet Project Closing Celebration

Inspiralba are due to host an event on the 30th of November 2021, the focus of which will be to celebrate the work of the ViSENet project which the organisation has been involved with over past 3 years.

ViSENet is an Erasmus project and was established through co-operation with partners in Finland (University of Helsinki Ruralia Institute), Estonia (Estonian University of Life Sciences) and Romania (Bucharest University of Economic Studies). The main aim of the project was to develop tools, resources, guidance and networking in order to bring together examples of good practice in relation to rural social enterprise.

Unfortunately, the UK’s withdrawal from Europe means that the Erasmus program will no longer be open to Scottish organisations or students.  The celebration event will be held to bring together all the work that the project has inspired since it began in 2018.

The event is due to be held on St. Andrew’s Day (November 30th) from 1pm to 3pm at the newly refurbished, community owned Rockfield Centre in Oban. With a focus on ‘Bringing Communities Together’, the celebration will be blended, with in-person attendees in Oban and colleagues in other locations across Scotland and abroad joining the event virtually.

Inspiralba Development Manager, Ailsa Clark said ‘Our focus of this event is really on bringing communities together. There will be a ceilidh and village fiesta to celebrate the connections and learning that have been developed through our ViSENet project. We will celebrate togetherness through music, discussion and a smorgasbord of different cultural foods.

We are extremely sad that we are no longer able to engage in Erasmus as a result of Brexit but are looking creatively to find ways that we can continue our partnership in order to support our work in rural communities as tge value gained from different cultural perspectives has really informed our work..’

We would be really interested to know if there are people in the Oban area with Romanian, Estonian or Finnish roots or connections who could come to the event and bring that wider cultural dimension. There will also be an opportunity for rural representatives involved in community-led organisations from other parts of Scotland to join remotely.

If you’d be interested in attending or would like to know more information, please email or phone 01700 501642.


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