Wellbeing Economy

Want to know more about a #wellbeingeconomy?


A new paper from the Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll) explains what a wellbeing economy is, discussing the benefits, the fundamentals and building blocks, how it iffers from the current system, and how it would work in a variety of styles. This ten-page PDF makes wellbeing economy concepts easy to understand and clear to all readers. Access it here.


Other helpful resources from WEAll include the Old Way Vs New Way Matrix, a constantly evolving guide to the differences between the current economic system responses, and wellbeing economy system responses. The matrix is co-created, with suggestions added on a regular basis, and shows responses to issues like climate change, the food system, in-work poverty and earnings inequality. Access it here.


A Tedx talk given by Katherine Trebeck, the Policy Knowledge Lead for WEAll, discusses the benefits of a wellbeing economy, and outlines the social, economic, and environmental reasons for why the future economy has to be a wellbeing economy.